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Product Code: Pure Glam Heart Saphire
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Pure Glam Heart Saphire

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Our noble Infinity roses are available in two different fragrance variations.

This is unique in Germany!

  • "Rose Petal", a fine, natural rose fragrance with hibiscus
  • "Rose Oud", a spicy oriental blend with peony and turkish rose.

Pure Glam Collection- The finest boxes, handcrafted.

Our flower mail order presents you new boxes with exclusive fabrics from all over the world. We are the only suppliers with these artistic boxes. Our beautiful boxes are handmade and covered with the finest fabrics such as jacquard and velvet. The processing is just as high-quality as the metal logo applied afterwards. Our boxes are available in round and square shapes and in five sizes.

Luxurious Infinity Rose Flowerboxes with real, long-lasting noble roses.

Infinity roses do not need water!

Long-term "freshness"; as on the first day for 1-3 years.

Infinity Rose Flowerboxes are also very suitable for such places as boutiques, hotels, restaurants or medical objects, because they do not need an annoying water change and above all do not fade.

Heart Collection available in one size: 18-21 roses

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